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Atlantis Fortune Judi Bola Casino – Review

Historians have long argued about the location of the not-so-mythological Atlantis – some placing it in the Atlantic, some in the Mediterranean – and other exotic locations such as Africa and Asia, particularly Indonesia, whose islands are said to be the very peaks of the ancient lost continent. Yet most agree that it existed, as long ago as the famous Greek philosopher Plato.

No matter which account you choose to believe, most agree that Atlantis was a Paradise Lost, a truly wealthy continent in terms of both money and natural resources. It is these treasures that are remembered and recreated in the spirit of the Atlantis Fortune Casino.

Available in both Flash and download versions, Atlantis Fortune Casino also allows you to select from two currencies – US dollars and UK Pounds Sterling. A total of 87 different games can be found in the two casino versions.

Having taken the time to get the Download version, and in the spirit of things, I decided to try a unique slot only found here – the Atlantis slot. I figured that since I would be off shortly to visit the fabulous land-based Atlantic version of Atlantis in the Bahamas, I might as well get in the swing of things… but unfortunately left Atlantis – the slot version – poorer, but certainly richer for the experience.

Now one of the things I actually like to do in Judi Bola Vegas to kill a little time is to play those bonus/feature slots – you know, like the nickel Wheel of Fortune? Atlantis Fortune happens to have the Diamond Deal feature slot preinstalled, so I went to give this slot machine a shot.

I played this game when it first came out almost two years ago, and actually did quite well and made it to the bonus level by filling up the four segments of the bonus diamond. But after about 100 spins here, not only did I lose some money, I didn’t even get a single segment completed! Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they must’ve been my worst enemy!

In a desperate bid to regain my losses, I went to one of my favorite games – Jacks or Better Power Poker – which ironically I rarely ever beat. But this time I finally discovered my fortune – after about 50 hans, I nailed four of a kind, having been dealt three 3’s to begin with. In earlier hands I have been dealt three of a kind 3-4 times, so I was bound to hit it sooner or later – and nailing a bunch of full houses on the draw didn’t hurt either.

Ecash support is provided by Proc Cyber – by now surely the leading provider of casino ecash services on the Net. The support and management team is well-known to me and I can safely assure you that you will not encounter any difficulties here (otherwise just let me know!).

Atlantis Fortune Casino, in the end, broke a long streak of losing sessions for me. To top it off, play on Monday or in the wee hours of Thursday and you can earn double VIP bonus points – I sure got a ton playing Jacks or Better Power Poker! A cool 200% bonus is also waiting for you (note: bonuses change regularly, please visit the site for the latest details) – when you deposit $20, they’ll give you $40 in free credits to help get you off to a winning start! So come and discover the treasures and the pleasures of Atlantis Fortune Casino.




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