Big Dollar Launches Thaibet Online Casino

CURACAO, Netherlands Antilles — Big Dollar Casino has announced the launch of its new website and casino with a unique package of customer benefits and bonuses aimed at providing maximum value for money on 47 games powered by Microgaming’s latest no-download casino technology. The casino is celebrating its launch with a promotional pledge to give new players a free chance to play and win. “Our $15 pledge gives every new player the chance to win Big Dollars without risking a cent,” says Nick Allwyn, Big Dollar’s Customer Care Manager. “We are confident that after trying the casino, players will make Big Dollar their choice for winning big online.”

The casino is also offering a further $85 free in first deposit bonuses, totaling a generous $100 in new player bonuses.

“We plan to make a big impact in a competitive market”, says Allwyn. “And we’ll do that by offering the best value for our clients’ money. Everything is geared to be bigger and better at Big Dollar”.

A member of the Jackpot Madness network, Big Dollar Casino features the latest in Microgaming no-download casino technology and offers four of the most popular Microgaming-powered progressive jackpots, Cash Splash, Fruit Fiesta, LotsaLoot and WowPot. Players will also enjoy 24/7 toll-free support and banking-level security in online transactions.

The Crapshooter: Inside Bets

Betting inside (place bets on the 5,6, 8 and 9) has always been popular, due to the fact that these four numbers roll 18 times compared to only six times for the seven. However, due to this advantage, many crapshooters do not know when to take their bets down. In fact, if you leave your bets up for too long and a seven shows, you could actually be losing money!

For example, let’s say you have $44 inside, which would give you $10 each on the five and nine, and $12 each on the six and eight. If you win any two successive bets, you would be $28 ahead. If you leave your $44 inside up, keep the $28 win, and the seven showed after your third inside hit, you would win $42 ($28 + $14) but lose the $44 inside bet. This gives you now a net loss of $2 instead of your previous win of $28!

How then, are you supposed to know how and when to take your inside bets down?

Let’s find out!

Let’s go back to your $44 inside and, instead of leaving all of the bets up after one hit, let’s look at regressing them down to insure a profit on future inside hits. After the first hit just instruct the dealer to regress your place bets down to $22. He will return your $14 in winnings plus $22 ($44 – $22). Now, you have $5 on the five and nine, and $6 each on the six and eight.

On the second hit, you will have won $7. Ask the dealer to regress your inside bets to $6 on the six and eight only. He will give you $7 plus $10 ($22 – $10).

On the third hit, you will win $7 again, and this time, ask for all your bets to be taken down. You now have a $28 profit on this third hit compared to the previous loss of $2.

Now, let’s see what happened in both instances of three winning inside Thaibet bets, and the seven rolling after the third inside hit.

Of course, you can figure out these payoffs in advance for any number of inside hits, but you will still find that a regression series is a safer, more reliable (and profitable!) one when it comes to inside betting. The next time you bet inside, just remember to regress down on your winning bets, and remove them all after three hits. If you’re content with small wins you will last longer and win more!

So, did you always wonder how to decrease or remove your inside bets?

Well now you know!

And, as always, good luck at the tables!

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