Togel Hari Ini


In Sicbo, the player tries to predict the outcome of a three-dice roll.


The game involves three dice with multiple betting options having different odds payouts.

You as a player, bet on the outcome combination of the three dice. Bets can be made on combinations of all three dice, two of the three dice and/or one of the three dice. The player may also place bets on possible pairs and/or triples that the roll of the dice will result in. All the bets are laid and then the dice are rolled. The results of the dice will be marked with a yellow marker.

Types of bets

Single Die

There are six betting areas labeled ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, and SIX which represent the six face values of a die.

Winning Wager

Odds Payout

One Die


Two Same Die


Three Same Die


Two Dice Combination

There are 15 betting areas. These represent all of the possible two dice combinations excluding the pairs (two dice with the same number). If you place a wager on the dice image representing the Two Dice Combination bet and two of the three dice rolled matches this image, you get paid out at 5:1.

Three Dice Total

There are 14 betting areas labeled 4, 5, 6, … 15, 16, 17. These Togel Hari Ini represent all of the possible three dice totals excluding 3 and 18. If you place a wager on one of the numbers representing the Three Dice Total bet and the total of the three dice rolled adds up to the number you bet on, you win. A total of 3 or 18 is always a loss. Different totals have different odds and therefore have different payouts.

Number Total

Odds Payout

4 or 17


5 or 16


6 or 15


7 or 14


8 or 13


9, 10, 11 or 12



If you are betting on “Small”, you are wagering that the three dice will total between 4 and 10. The “Big” bet wins if the dice total is between 11 to 17. These bet lose to any triple, meaning if three of the same die number come up, you lose. The odds payout is 1 – 1.


A Pair results when a dice roll consists of two of the three dice having the same number. There are six Pair bets, pair 1 to pair 6. If you place a wager on one of the Pair betting areas and two of the three dice rolled match the pair you bet on, you get paid out at 8:1. For example, if you wager $5 on a Pair bet represented by dice 4,4 and the result of the dice roll is 4,6,4 you win $40 (8 x $5). You do not get paid more than once if a triple is rolled instead of a pair when you bet on the Pair. In the previous example if the dice roll is 4,4,4 you still only win $40.

Triple/Any Triple

A Triple results when a dice roll consists of all three dice having the same number. The Triple bets are located in the middle of the top row. There are 6 betting spaces to bet triple 1 through triple 6. In the middle of the top row there is a betting area represented with all of the six possible triple dice images. This is called “Any Triple”. This allows you to place a wager on all six different triple bets at once.

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