Dennis Togel Hari Ini Places 2nd in Irish Winter Omaha

Togel Hari Ini

Dennis McCartney, known online by his nickname “Drilling100″, was one of Titan Poker’s twelve-player delegation at the Irish Winter Festival recently staged in Dublin. Although Dennis bumped out of the Main Event in 85th place, short of the money, he had a better showing in the €200+€20 Pot Limit Omaha Side Event.

“I never got enough traction to increase my chipstack,” Dennis said of his Togel Hari Ini in the Main Event. As for the Omaha tournament, he said “it was fun and we had a ball. As I mentioned, I ended up second!”

Dennis won €2,510 for his second place finish. We talked to Dennis about his experiences at the Irish Winter Festival, Omaha Poker, and his poker playing around the world.

 Q: Was it difficult to win your Irish Winter Festival seat at Titan Poker?

A: I can’t say that any poker game is easy to win, unless one gets dealt the best cards. I tried on several occasions via the Titan feeder satellites and just kept missing the cut. I already had purchased the airline tickets and made hotel reservations, so I gave it one more try by buying directly into the final satellite. Believe me, it was a challenge, however, a challenge that yielded fruitful results. If that wouldn’t have happened, I would have purchased the entrance ticket for the Irish Winter Festival on my own.

Q: Was the competition difficult in the Irish Winter Festival?

A: The competition was no less difficult than the online version. Even though I could not get any traction, I still ended up in the top 25%. By the way, difficult does not mean stressful. As a matter of fact, win or lose, I believe my overall health improves after a tournament with the correct rest and food intake.

Q: Was finishing 2nd in the Omaha Side Event your biggest live poker achievement?

A: I’ve finished in the money at several live events, however, only one other was a major event like the Irish Winter Festival. I ‘might’ have made a come from behind victory as, on reflection due to a number of factors, I just ran out of steam.

Q: You played both Texas Hold’em and Omaha in Dublin. Which do you prefer?

A: Well, I most likely prefer each equally. If I’m not doing well in one, I’ll move to the other. Please keep in mind that I play mostly freezeout tournaments. I’m not a ‘professional’ and therefore have limited resources. I enjoy playing against professionals and have met several over the years. I view the poker setting as another form of social interaction, and I’ve not been disappointed so far. My wife accompanies me to many tournaments and sometimes plays herself. In Dublin she preferred to sight see and go shopping.

Q: When did you first begin playing poker?

A: A long time ago when I was nine or ten on a fishing boat. I still remember the game and hand that I lost. It was Seven Card Stud. I had scraped together two or three dollars to play with the men. The first hand I played I had three aces and lost to a straight.

Q: What have you done to improve your poker skills?

A: I read poker articles, poker books, play every week on Thursday nights with the local crew, play online and play in live tournaments.

Q: What is your advice for new poker players?

A: Oh! First, I would say to get as much education as you can with the emphasis on money, finances and accounting. Then, study as much about poker as time allows. Finally, make a determination if you want to keep poker as a hobby, or, try and make it a profession. My wife and I have had fantastic times while I played poker (and, sometimes she has, as well), in Warsaw, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Rimini, Namur, Saint Amand les-Eau, Knokke, Foxwoods, Atlantic City and Las Vegas. I can actually say that I’ve been in the money in all of those places. This is not to say that I’ve cashed big money. But, anything that defrays some or all of the costs, like in Dublin, is well worth it!

Q: Will we see you on our team at the 2012 World Series of Poker?

A: That would be a dream come true!!!!!! The past several years I almost bought in directly, but, each year spent the money on other necessary projects.

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