One of the driving questions behind my work with Sacred Spaces is “ How do people relate to their environment? Does changing the environment alter human behavior?”

As an artist I am continually fascinated with color and the effect it has on human perception and experience.

In the TED talk below, Beau Lotto gives and illuminating and engaging presentation on physical vision.

Color enables us to see the similarities and differences in surfaces according to the full spectrum of light that they reflect.

With regards to physical vision – one of the most simple and fundamental functions of our brain, why is context everything?

Why do we see what we do? How does this shape who we are as individuals and a society?

How do our brains re-define reality moment to moment to interpret the light received through the senses?

The implications here are profound. If we are continually seeing illusions with our physical eyes, what does reality really look like?

“Color tells us the brain did not evolve to see not how the world as it is – we can’t. The brain evolved to see the world how it was useful to see in the past. How we see is by continually redefining ‘normality’.

How can we take this incredible capacity and plasticity of the brain and and get people to experience the world differently?

He starts with a game – the Diamond Dotz object is just to see reality as it really is…..

Are you a realist? Did you see the real color?

A new way to think about creative genius

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of “Eat, Pray, Love” reflects on the creative process, genius, and how cultural expectations can nurture or disrupt inspirational flows.

Elizabeth Gilbert TED talks

Gilbert’ musings raise some interesting questions with regards to creativity and states of consciousness that people experience when they have flashes of inspiration, or engage in a creative process.

Have you ever experienced a moment of genius?

A flash of inspiration that left you feeling as if you had touched a much bigger part of yourself?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this moving video, and your own experiences of creative inspiration.

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