WALMART sells LindowsOS PCs starting at $300.00

Dear Insiders,

Today we’re officially announcing to the world that Wal-Mart is selling computers with LindowsOS pre-installed on them. You can read about this exciting announcement at and (Some of you may have caught wind of this before now as word of this leaked out late Friday when some people stumbled upon as Wal-Mart was preparing for the product launch on their site.)

We’re sorry that we couldn’t share this information with our Insiders before now, but I’m sure you can appreciate that we had confidentiality obligations keeping us from making any type of announcement until today. Also, it would not have been wise for us to have let this cat out of the bag too soon, for fear of reprisal from another company which might have done everything they could to intimidate and prevent this from happening.

If you’re wondering how we could start selling computers when SPX is still not ready for general release, please understand that the download version of LindowsOS (SPX) is designed to be installed on hundreds of different computers requiring hundreds of different drivers. Even though the version of LindowsOS found on these computers sold at Wal-Mart contains the exact same features as the SPX release Insiders have, the LindowsOS that is on these computers has been installed and certified for these individual machines. There is no installation routine, or unknown hardware for us to deal with. These computers come out of the box and boot right up to a tested LindowsOS and do a great job for what they were intended…email, web browsing, and using Click-N-Run to get many more applications.

Thanks for all the great support from our Insiders. We could never have gotten this far without your help and support. This victory is shared by all of you.

Michael Robertson

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