If slot onlain can play 30 tables at once, why can’t I keep up with a couple of blog feeds?

My co-worker took some PTO this week and I’ve been hopping around pretty good. Unfortunately, that hasn’t left much time to keep up with my favorite slot onlain bloggers.

I did notice, however, a bunch of search hits on this blog for “rainkhan”. Then, I received teh following comment from Elie:

he is currently chip leader in WSOP main event. maybe 2nd now. gus hansen is moving up. he’s in the top 3 anyway

Thanks for the update!

I first came across him indirectly during a chat at a low limit SNG by some players that were sure he was a bot. Later, I played him a bunch of times in high-buy-in SNGs on ‘Stars. No way to avoid it, really, with him cranking on so many tables simultaneously. He just played solid ABC poker, folding nearly everything until the bubble then pushing with anything based on table position and chipstack relative to competitors.

My god. One table in a tournament that will run two weeks. He must be bored out of his mind. 😉

How to get a more complete picture of your feed circulation

I almost never blog about blogging on this blog.

(What an ugly sentence that is, eh?)

But, I thought I’d point something out that everyone might want to know. If you missed it earlier this week, Feedburner announced Feedburner Integration for Blogspot Blogs. You might know that Feedburner has been acquired by Google, owner of Blogger. It looks like they’ve already started rolling out the complementary services.

Why is this important?

Well, basically, that feedburner chicklet you may be using to display your subscriber count only picks up a fraction of your subscribers, if you purposely or inadvertently (like me) offered multiple feeds to your readers. So, feedburner may not be picking up many of your subscribers. Using the redirect option for Blogger allows you to consolidate all of those feed counts to get a true picture of your reach. If you remember when I first migrated to the new blogger, I appeared to break my feed and/or lose sight of my subscribers.

Just follow the instructions in the Blogger Quickstart Guide. It takes about 30 seconds to do and so simple a monkey can do it. Which is obvious, because I did.

Oh, I wish you hadn’t shown me that…

Got a chance to check out Al’s P & L analysis of the BBT players.

No mystery here: 218 | BigSlickNut | -55.00

How shall I interpret this? Besides that I’m a donkey, that’s a given.

I’ll go the Bobby Bracelet route: I am the 218th best poker-playing poker blogger in the world.

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