Farmers protest against the abolition of quotas on milk production in the EU

Farm Machinery went on Tuesday to ​​Luxembourg square near the European Parliament in Brussels. The next day, the EU’s decision on the abolition of quotas on milk production comes into force. Hundreds of small farmers, producers of milk and dairy products from different EU countries, protested against this innovation. They staged a symbolic funeral of ESYU dairy industry based on small and medium-sized farms. Demonstrators demanded measures to maintain the purchasing prices in fear of going broke under the pressure of multinational giants such as “Nestle” and “Danone”. For any business translation inquiries, contact Translation Company UK

“The abolition of quotas does not benefit for anyone from farmers, whether you have fifty or five hundred cows,” – said the demonstrator, a farmer from Germany Karl-Otto Folrat.

“If small farms disappear in Europe, – said the MEP Jose Bove – there will be more and more large dairy farms with 1000, 2000, 5000 cows that are only factories of raw materials for industry.”

“Abolition of quotas will make the production of milk and a variety of quality dairy products in small farms in Europe unprofitable”, – agreed with him his faction fellow Maria Hoybuh.

“Milk production will increase and prices will fall. This is the first thing we see, “- she said.

“That’s why we demand to adopt a program of market responsibility – said the president of the European Council of milk Romuald Schaber – to create incentives for reducing production in times of crisis, when production exceeds demand. This will help to restore the balance of the market quickly and prevent a collapse in prices in the abyss. ”

Quotas were introduced in the EU 30 years ago, when the supply of milk significantly exceeded demand. Now it fell in particular because of the Russian embargo on imports of food. Industry, based on small farms, kept at the expense of the production of cheese and other expensive products.

Cycling. The owner of “Saxo-Tinkoff” sacked the team manager

The owner of the Russian cycling team “Saxo-Tinkoff” Oleg Tinkoff sacked the team manager Dane Bjarne Riis. In the guilt to Riis weak results in the first race of the season were imputed.

The relationship between the owner of a professional cycling team “Saxo-Tinkoff” Oleg Tinkoff and manager Bjarne Riis deteriorated so much that the Dane was suspended from his duties. This was announced by TASS, citing the Danish newspaper “BT”. According to the publication, about 80 staff of the team were informed of the decision by e-mail by president and executive director of “Saxo-Tinkoff” Stefano Feltrin. According to the newspaper, the reason for the cooling of relations between Tinkoff and Riis became weak results of the team, the responsibility for which was given to the manager.

French “Equipe” reported that earlier this month after cycling “Tirreno-Adriatico” a quarrel broke open between Tinkoff and Riis whenTinkoff expressed dissatisfaction with the result of a team leader Alberto Contador. Riis did not attend the race “Milan-San Remo”, although it was one of the most important events of the spring calendar.

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