Many players think that sanghoki sites are much more organized and planned then they actually are.  Here are some of the common myths people have about online poker sites:

1) New Players Always Win (at first): – FALSE – Many people seem to think that if they join a poker site they are guaranteed to win at first.  This is also known as beginners luck.  This is completely false as poker sites all use random number generators to create the cards, so really this is just a myth.  On the other hand, everytime I start playing Blackjack online I seem to start winning at first, followed by about 10 dealer blackjacks in a row.  That is definitely much more questionable than online poker.

2) Cash Out Myth – FALSE – Many players believe that if they cash out they will go on a losing streak.  This is does have some truth to it, but the reality is it is completely false.  The reason why there could be some truth is chances are someone cashing out rather soon is not practicing any form of bankroll management.  They are probably playing games way too high for their bankroll and don’t leave enough bankroll behind to factor in the variance of poker.

3) Online Poker Hands are Set Up to Make the Site More Money – FALSE – Nothing is more frustrating when your pocket kings run into pocket aces.  Sure, this may seem like the poker sites are against you, but the reality is this kind of stuff happens all the time in live poker too.  Poker sites don’t set up hands to make more money in rake.

4) You are playing against robots – POSSIBLY TRUE – Many people have developed advanced robots or poker bots that will play based on your play.  This does happen, but is also easily exploitable.  If you figure out you are playing against a robot you can usually get this machine off hands very easily.  Most sites do everything they can to stop these from existing, but the reality is they still do get through as they can be hard for the site to detect.

5) Hackers Can See Your Hole Cards – MOSTLY FALSE – Up until recently I would have said this was impossible, but the cheating scandal at Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet proved otherwise.  The only way this is possible is if it is done internally and most poker sites are honest.  The companies above were complete idiots though as they stand to make way more money frunning a legit poker site, then they do cheating players.  Something like this would never happen at a site like as they make way too much money to jeopordize their reputation.

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