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Lessons Learned

A few of the lessons I’ve learned during my five or slothoki so costly years of poker apprenticeship, some from those far wiser than myself, others which dawned on me as I watched my chips being pushed far away from me. Enjoy.

Just because you got dealt pocket aces and he got pocket kings don’t make you Doyle Brunson.

There are people who just refuse to be bluffed. Don’t try.

They push the chips to the winner after the river; anything before that is just pretend.

The older the player, the higher the kicker.

Just like at the movies, when you walk into the room pay special attention to where the exits are and don’t hesitate to use them in an emergency.

You’re supposed to be having fun.

If you’re having an awful session and are down to your last $20 or so, before you piss it away in disgust remember that those chips will buy you a pretty decent meal in whatever casino you happen to be in.

If you can think of even one mistake you made during the hand, then it wasn’t really a bad beat.

Get up. Go for a walk. Get some air. That idiot who just sucked out on you will still be there with your chips when you get back.

And finally: If you’re drawing dead, try not to get there.

No Limit Hold’em Sit and Go, 10 players down to 9, 5-10 blinds

I haven’t played a hand yet, but now I’ve got one, Js-Jc. It’s raised to 55 in front of me and I call. Four of us will see the flop.

It brings Th, 6s, 9h. I like it. I’ve got an overpair and a running straight draw. Only the hearts scare me.

I bet 230 and two players after me go all-in. Huh!??! Damn. It’s early, I fold, right? Guess I’ll risk it, I’m that stupid.

Showdown time and I’m up against Ts-Tc and 8h-7h. How dumb am I? I called trip 10’s and the nut straight with a straight flush draw.

I’ve got just a 3% chance here, and the 10’s have just a 30% chance.

The turn brings the Jd. Hmmmm. Suddenly I’m up to a 12% chance!

And the river? Sorry, it’s not the miracle J. It’s a meaningless 4c. Why’d I call?


No Limit Hold’em, 10 players, $.10-$.25 blinds

I’m in a middle position with Ad-Js. I raise to $.50 and get two callers.

The flop is a beauty! Jd, As, Jc. Are there many better feelings than this? The only hand that beats me right now is rockets, and that’s not likely.

I’m slooooow playing, so I check. $.25 is the bet and I just call. Three of us will see the turn.

It’s the Qs. Harmless, unless there’s a pair of Q’s out there. $2.35 is the bet and I call, the other guy folds.

The river is the Ah. Now the other A splits. Ugh. He goes in for his last $.20 and I call.

Show down time and he’s got Tc, Kc. The Q on the turn gave him a straigth. That’s why he suddenly bet into me. Works for me!

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