Team Titan’s Sam Trickett is chipleader at the w.w88 Tour Main Event final table and will return to the action on November 12th to contend for the €1,000,000 first prize. Nine players remain, with €100,000 to be awarded to the next player who is eliminated.

On his Twitter account, Sam posted that he will be “coming back to Cannes in November as the chip leader … booooom!” On Facebook he posted: “Made the PartouchePoker Tour final a chip leader, buzzzzzing!”

Sam has a stack of 2,605,000, which is just ahead of Frenchman Alexandre Coussy with 2,473,000 and American Salman Behbehani, who has 2,446,000.

A total of 579 players paid the €8,500 buy-in to compete in the final event of the Partouche Poker Tour’s fourth season. This number was down from last year’s 764 entries in an event that was won by Vanessa Selbst. This year, organizers decided to delay the Final Table in a fashion intended to heighten suspense similar to that employed by the World Series of Poker.

When action resumed yesterday, Mustapha Kanit of Italy was leading the 18 remaining players, and he quickly knocked out Matthew Tyler. Sam started the day with a stack of 512,000, but shot to over a million when his aces beat kings. When the field narrowed to 16, Sam had 1.5 million, but he was a bit upset because his friend Ben Vinson had just been eliminated.

Sam knocked out Benjamin Chavalier in 13th place when Chavalier open-shoved his short stack from the button with Jd-8d and Trickett called from the small blind with Ad-Kd. The better hand held and Trickett was up to 2.2 million. A short while later, Sam emerged as the tournament’s chipleader.

Sam is considered the favorite to win the tournament, but he will face tough competition in November from the other eight players.

Veteran David Wyatt Talks about Titan Poker

David Wyatt from Australia has been playing at Titan Poker for six years and played on our behalf at the Asian Poker Tour (APT) in Manila, which was a highlight of his online poker career with us.

On the occasion of Titan Poker’s 6 Year Anniversary, we interviewed David, who plays at Titan Poker under the nickname “davidwrunner2”, about his Titan Poker experiences.

Q: Do you remember what playing at Titan Poker was like at the beginning?

A: In 2005 there were lots of fishy players and I could win most days. I miss the French so much.

Q: Are you pleased with how Titan Poker has developed?

A: The site has maintained a good service focus and the reward program is the best.

Q: What was your biggest poker achievement at Titan Poker?

A: Winning a seat to an APT tourney in Manila, Philippines, was a highlight for me. A lowlight was in one of your million dollar tourneys – with jj the flop comes j43 and I lose to QJ after running Q’s appear.

Q: What was your favorite promotion at Titan Poker?

A: I love the freerolls for Titan Poker’s live tourney reps.

Q: Are there promotions you enjoyed in the past that you would like to see again at Titan Poker?

A: Anything where I have a chance of collecting some money as opposed to races where only the huge players can win.

Q: How would you rate the customer service at Titan Poker?

A: Great.

Q: What is your favorite feature at Titan Poker?

A: The Club Titan rewards program.

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