In case you haven’t heard, AlCantHang, Boy Genius, Pauly, Iggy, Hank, Grubby and BadBlood are stranded on a sbo desert island. Apparently, island leader has come down to Hank or Iggy and they can’t figure out who to eat.

What they don’t know is that they’re not alone on the island…

On the other side of the island is a more formidable group of poker bloggers. (Yeah, I’m bitter for not being included in the conversation, so sue me). On our side, we’ve got the Up For Poker Crew (me, Otis and G-Rob), along with Maudie, Sean, April, the Poker Geek and wil wheaton.

And things on our side of the island are much better!

First of all, there’s gonna be no fight over who’s in charge. That’s me. I’m power hungry, it’s in my nature. I’m drawn to positions of power and I just act like I’m in charge until everyone else starts to believe it. There will be no power struggle here…

Sean’s my vice-president. He’s an Eagles fan, so I know he’s smart. He’s also organized and I sense his type-A personality will work well with mine.

G-Rob and Otis are in charge of entertainment. If you think there’s nothing to do on a desert island, think again. G-Rob and Otis have invented ways to entertain themselves with much less. Ask them about the Drunk Olympics some time (or just come to Bradoween!!!!).

That other group was dumb enough to travel with just guys. That will never work. With Maudie and April on our side of the island, we’ve got a clear advantage.

The Poker Geek’s first task was to figure out how to develop an alcoholic beverage with whatever is at our disposal. If you can’t tell, the Poker Geek is smart. He’ll come up with something.

Finally, I brought wil wheaton. That automatically puts us ahead of the other side of the island in the coolness factor. Plus, we’re much more likely to be rescued because the world will want to know what happened to wil!

After while, we’ll stumble upon the other group near death, and considering who among them would taste good. That’s when we’d rescue them. We are nice people after all, right?

I’ve just about finished compiling the RSVP’s for the June 4th event at the Aladdin Casino. We have at least 59 and as many as 66 depending on a few loose ends. That doesn’t include any invited guests or pros that we hope to include. That means there will almost certainly be a waiting list. At best, we’ll be able to push the Aladdin to 6 tables of 10 players, but nothing more.

I will get the list posted soon so those of you on the waiting list will know in case that means your plans will change. I’ve heard from a few players that if they aren’t in the tourney, they’d rather not come. I think that’s the wrong way to look at this. It’s going to be an amazing weekend, with or without the tourney! It’s a chance to meet some great people and have fun slinging cards. I hope you all decide to come, tournament or not!

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